How to upload taken picture in ESP32-CAM to GDrive

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How to upload a photo taken in esp32cam-micropython to google Drive Folder

I’ve searched in many repos a solution to upload a image using the ESP32-cam running micropython. To implent this solution we need to install an esp32cam firmware, which is NOT PRESENT in official micropython repository. I recommend the firmwares in shariltumin esp32cam micropython repo. Unfortunately, I could not build my own firmware so far. The working solution is based in Guillermo Sampallo esp32cam tutorial and arduino code.

How to use?

  1. Install ESP32-cam firmware from @shariltumin esp32cam micropython repo (Use esptool);
  2. Use Adafruit Ampy to send .py files to ESP32;
  3. Upload to you Google Drive folder;
  4. Change Folder ID and Wi-Fi configuration in and files;