Assembly Language

Assembler Simulator

Simulator for assembly language, forked from @schweigi being translated to Portuguese-BR for using in Computer Architecture teaching course;

Optical Mark Recognition

I intent to use this software to mark recognition on sheet templates to encourage students to learn binary numbers. My goal is using a pen-marked paper to execute an assembly code. I’ve been developing this application in python language using opencv libray.


Conflit of Interest Detection

Contributing with André Meireles

USAGE: Lattes website This software is designed to verify conflits of interest between two people based on Lattes platform. Our intention was indicate which autors have work with one another by looking in .xml files available in Lattes. Our software returns a score for each found author in order to make possible a non automated verify of similarities.

Google Script


Embedded Systems

ESP32-cam GDrive uploader

This software performs a image upload to Google Drive of a taken photo from ESP32-cam with micropython firmware.